Valy & Inese

When I first met Valy & Inese on our engagement shoot I was amazed at how in love they were. I didn't need to guide or pose either of them and knew that when it came to the big day we would see the same thing. 

Inese is extremely insightful and put a lot of her creativity into the day adding little touches here and there.  Throughout the day Inese was asking "Can we take this shot... oh and this one too" which I absolutely loved as I wanted to create images that they would remember.

The guests witnessed an amazing orthodox blessing at Bishop Stortford Church followed by the best hospitality I have ever had as a photographer at the Hunters Meet in Hatfield Heath.

Vally & Inese Wedding 01-203.jpg
Vally & Inese Wedding 01-17.jpg
Vally & Inese Wedding 01-199.jpg
Vally & Inese Wedding 01-374.jpg