Mark and Lauren

Last week I had the honour of delivering Mark and Lauren their wedding day images. During their wedding day Lauren expressed to us that Mark and herself want to be the first people to see the images. This meant that Alice ( My second shooter) and myself had to retain from showing anyone images from behind the camera.

The couple returned from their honeymoon last weekend and my gift to them was a guarantee of their images finished for their return.

What I really enjoyed about their wedding was how important their son George is to them, and how important having a close knit family is. We absolutely loved the small ceremony and everyone couldn't take their smiles off their faces!

May & June Update

The past two months have flown by as I have been the busiest I have ever been! 

Late April I took on a shoot for a company called Dogatella who create beautiful dog leads, collars and bracelets. Now I am used to photographing weddings but this shoot was so fun working alongside several dogs as well as models.

Serine & Viktor

May has seen myself take on a project close to what I was doing on my degree. I rarely film anymore but a client I have completed films for before has returned to create a short movie at a large London based media agency. Unfortunately I cannot share any more than this but the project has been extremely fun and movie editing is something else compared to photo editing!

Two weeks ago I shot a wedding for a lovely couple Mark and Lauren. They both met at their place of work about 9 years a go and have been deep in love since. Their son George was really cute throughout the day and their focus was on catching plenty of images involving him. I am currently in the middle of finishing their photos but here is one of my favourite images exported as a tester.

Lauren & Mark

June is a month of editing and admin for me. I'll be looking into updating this website and arranging to attend a few wedding fairs throughout the year.


April Update

With a logo, new business cards, leaflets and many other things, I am crazy busy right now! Establishing myself on Facebook and Instagram is keeping me busy. I am still finding time to shoot and last weekend I met with Kev and Jess a couple from Hoddesdon to go on a walk around the local areas and appreciate the rare bit of sun that we had.

March Update

Another month, another website redesign. I've tried to adapt more of a clean cut portfolio approach and will helpfully stick with this one for a while! 

I've moved a lot around and removed some content adding fresher material. Keep your eyes peeled as I'll add a larger portfolio, update my testimonials, introduce a pricing page and a page for couples/engagement shoots.

Cheers, Tim.

Time to edit

Waking up at 7am this Saturday wasn't fun. Usually I am waking up for work (Yes, i work 6 days a week), but instead I was heading to hospital for 3 wisdom teeth to be extracted. My doctor has signed me off work which has given me a perfect opportunity to edit my photos from the Lakes.

My good friend and IT genius Peter gave me some advice on swapping out my vanilla Macbook hard drive which I have had since 2009 with a new Sandisk SSD. What a difference, my mac is now a workhorse again and I don't need to wait 10 mins for Lightroom to boot up.

As I am now working on a Canon 6D I had issues with Lightroom Raw integration so I couldn't edit any of my HDR images or panoramic shots. After reading about how easy this all is in the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite I decided to treat myself again and my workflow has become so much easier. Squarespace won't allow my high quality panoramic images so heres a shot taken with my 10 stop.

Just above Derwentwater is a lovely bridge with allowed me to play around with my new Canon 16-35mm 2.8 and 10 stop filter.


I have been working hard behind the scenes on everything photography in my life. This involves a brand new website and layout. I will mainly be adding images of photoshops rather than images from my personal shoots such as trips away.

I will maintain this blog to add some of my favourite images taken over the year to come. 

This year is a big one for me, I have treated myself to a new Canon 6D, 16-35 f2.8 and 10-stop filter for my landscape adventures as well as upgrading this site and finally updating Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to the Creative Cloud.

Already in 2016 I have visited Australia and the Lake District with images to come from both. I was somewhat lacking inspiration for images in the Australia, I spent most the time hydrating myself trying to stay awake!

I was spoilt for choice with 7 days in the Lake District choosing a new location everyday. 

More photos to come but heres a few from my first day.

View from our cottage in Ullswater. This was actually a test shot whilst framing the image to have a play with my 10-stop but I was so happy all I have done is enhanced shadows to allow the foreground to be more visable.

I was very lucky to get this shot as I could see a storm arriving from the right of the image. Within seconds I was drenched and luckily Canon gear can take quite a bit of water.

Making home beautiful

Having lived in Hertfordshire all my life, I have slowly become bored of my home town of Hoddesdon as the town has little to offer. Recently I have been driving around and noticing some beautiful sights of the local area. Last weekend I headed to a secret viewpoint that overlooks Hoddesdon, Nazeing, Dobbs Weir and Broxbourne. Combining my love of astrophotography I trialled different exposures, ISO's and aperture settings in an aim to make my town look beautiful. This is something I am slowly going to attempt over the year.

Click on the image below for full resolution and you will notice the image drops from the stars above to an orange glow of light pollution followed by a haze of fog which realllllllyyyy effected my photography that evening.

Lake District

I am late in updating my blog this year as work has been busy, busy in the good way! My girlfriend treated us to a week in the Lake District in March as we were both so desperate to get away and the lakes seemed like the perfect trip. We were up at 4am on the Monday morning to arrive to a snowy Windermere around midday.

We took it easy on our first day, checked into our guest house, browsed the town and grabbed some maps. Lake Windermere was so close to our accommodation so we made the short drive down. Luckily the weather held off and we managed to get some sunshine. We found a spot with a great view over the lake to set up our tripods, during a battle with the wind and also approaching swans, we were ready to snap away. I used my cheap filter set which was scratched to bits from my last trip to Wales. 

Swans long exposure - Lake Windermere.

As soon as the swans moved into my shot I felt like being slightly fancy attempting to capture their movement, which can slightly be seen above. I originally intended to capture the lake looking slightly smoother but this was my shot of the afternoon.

Later that evening we trialled the local cuisine of Kebab and Pizza from the local. It seemed like most of the local take aways only open in Summer season. Our guest house had a shelf of maps, attraction leaflets and other jargon. One small book on the shelf displayed waterfalls of the lakes which was perfect, as I love long exposures and as we were due bad weather hiding under the trees snapping the waterfalls felt like the best idea. 

The following morning we had sunshine so decided to head to Coniston Water, a lake that Alice remembered from her youth diving trips to the Lakes. The giant lake gave us a chance to attempt some dramatic photography with ND Filters. Due to the wind a lot of my images were looking jumpy and foggy. We took shelter with a hot chocolate then made a move back to the car. Upon the walk I noticed a beautiful view over the town of Coniston, using a 30 second exposure I added drama to the sky by blending the clouds together using a grad filter in Lightroom. One of the biggest problems I had which I didn't realise until I uploaded my images on my laptop at the end of the trip was that there was dots of dirt all over my images. On every image, as you can see below I have done my best to remove as much as possible in Lightroom. I arranged for a sensor cleaning at a local shop and found out that my sensor had an incredible amount of dirt on it, but they did an amazing job cleaning it as everything I have shot recently has looked amazing and clear!


Our third day was an amazing day as we had sunshine, something that felt quite rare up North. We hit up Tom Gill waterfall which was brilliant as it consisted of about 6 different waterfalls. As we walked along the National Trust pathway we were so lucky to see that every waterfall was bigger and better than the last. As we arrived near the top we noticed other photographers grabbing the chance to set up the tripod and get out their filters.

Tom Gill

All of a sudden it was the end of our trip, with one day left we met up with my fellow photographer friend Lawrence who was also in the lakes for a day at Blea Tarn, a relatively small lake but with stunning backgrounds. Personally my favourite part of this lake was a small river leading away and down the mountain.

Blea Tarn

On our way around the lake whilst packing away our tripods to take a short walk to a better location I noticed a small robin who was perched on a branch just besides us. Quickly I equipped my 70-200mm to grab some close ups.

Meteor Showers

Every evening I stare up at the sky on my drive home from work hoping to catch a clear evening with no cloud, fog or whatever else is trying to ruin whats above. Last weekend we were lucky enough to be able to see a meteor shower in the UK. It was clear, with minimal cloud and around 11pm my buddy Lawrence  gave me the heads up to get out and shoot. And that what I did with Alice

One of my first attempts, testing exposure length and ISO. Shot at F4, ISO 640, 30 Seconds.

One of my first attempts, testing exposure length and ISO. Shot at F4, ISO 640, 30 Seconds.

I have been closely following a brilliant website recently for shooting the sky. Lonely Speck is my bible and from this I have been slowly progressing with nightscapes. I have used their presets to edit my photos as editing the night sky is probably one of the hardest edit jobs I have attempted. 

Attempting to replicate self portraits with headlamps.

Attempting to replicate self portraits with headlamps.

Overall I shot about 50 photos of the sky but this probably has to be my favourite, the perfect levels of exposure especially with restrictions of only having a F4 lens.

Usually cloud during the night ruins my images but I feel this one adds something.

Usually cloud during the night ruins my images but I feel this one adds something.

Not just photos

Everyone has that one song that they can relax to. For me Polyenso from St. Petersburg, have the perfect tune. There is something about '17 New Years' that allows myself to focus on the work ahead of me. Check it out.

Polly & Jason's Wedding

8 years ago at a house party I remember two of my closest friends hooking up for the first time, back in August I shot their wedding. What a day...

Whilst I consider photography both a hobby and a job there was an immense amount of pressure, I wanted to capture the natural love between Polly and Jason whilst remaining professional and also enjoying the day. 

One of the best things about shooting both Polly and Jason is that I never had to grab their attention for a photo, they were always smiling and couldn't stop throughout the whole day.

I have added some shots to my wedding folder but they can primarily be seen on the link below.


Camping Pods, Sunsets & The South

Last weekend I made the trip down to West Witterings with my girlfriend who is also a photographer. Since going to University in Chichester just ten minutes from the Witterings coast I never turn down the chance of heading down. Recently I have been so immersed in projects that I haven't had a chance to relax and enjoy taking photos again. Our first spot was a location just 10 minutes north-east of Chichester, I can't remember the name but I spotted a lay-by in the corner of my eye. It was a fairly foggy evening but managed to catch this shot:

As we made our way into Wick Farm we stocked up for the evening and had a crack at shooting the stars. It was more of an experiment with different exposures and testing the ISO abilities of our cameras. One of my highlights:

Later on that evening we hit up the beach at West Witterings just in time to catch sunset. I purchased a new tripod earlier in the day so that myself and Alice could both record a time-lapse which I will add to my project that I have been working on for a few years now. I have so many images to add but will limit it to one:

On our way to find the best location to record our time-lapse I quickly used the available light as a backdrop for some quick portrait shots. I don't shoot enough portraits but love finding new ways of adding drama and capturing beautiful shots:

Falling in Love with Norway

Back in April I visited the most beautiful country I have ever visited. Everything about Norway was perfect, it is a photographers paradise. I visited Bergen which lies on the south-west coast. Despite being the second largest city in Norway it was tiny, and compressed which was great for travelling.

Rustad Media have released a time-lapse that as soon as I watched it had me planning my next trip to Norway straight away. Check it out:


Welcome to my website, I am a photographer based in Hertfordshire. Within this blog I hope to keep you updated with all of my projects as well as work from other photographers and film makers which inspires me to create art.

At the moment I am knee deep in editing a wedding, several personal shoots as well as maintaining a time-lapse film that I have been slowly (and when I say slow I mean slow!) working on since 2012.