Time to edit

Waking up at 7am this Saturday wasn't fun. Usually I am waking up for work (Yes, i work 6 days a week), but instead I was heading to hospital for 3 wisdom teeth to be extracted. My doctor has signed me off work which has given me a perfect opportunity to edit my photos from the Lakes.

My good friend and IT genius Peter gave me some advice on swapping out my vanilla Macbook hard drive which I have had since 2009 with a new Sandisk SSD. What a difference, my mac is now a workhorse again and I don't need to wait 10 mins for Lightroom to boot up.

As I am now working on a Canon 6D I had issues with Lightroom Raw integration so I couldn't edit any of my HDR images or panoramic shots. After reading about how easy this all is in the new Adobe Creative Cloud suite I decided to treat myself again and my workflow has become so much easier. Squarespace won't allow my high quality panoramic images so heres a shot taken with my 10 stop.

Just above Derwentwater is a lovely bridge with allowed me to play around with my new Canon 16-35mm 2.8 and 10 stop filter.