Lake District

I am late in updating my blog this year as work has been busy, busy in the good way! My girlfriend treated us to a week in the Lake District in March as we were both so desperate to get away and the lakes seemed like the perfect trip. We were up at 4am on the Monday morning to arrive to a snowy Windermere around midday.

We took it easy on our first day, checked into our guest house, browsed the town and grabbed some maps. Lake Windermere was so close to our accommodation so we made the short drive down. Luckily the weather held off and we managed to get some sunshine. We found a spot with a great view over the lake to set up our tripods, during a battle with the wind and also approaching swans, we were ready to snap away. I used my cheap filter set which was scratched to bits from my last trip to Wales. 

Swans long exposure - Lake Windermere.

As soon as the swans moved into my shot I felt like being slightly fancy attempting to capture their movement, which can slightly be seen above. I originally intended to capture the lake looking slightly smoother but this was my shot of the afternoon.

Later that evening we trialled the local cuisine of Kebab and Pizza from the local. It seemed like most of the local take aways only open in Summer season. Our guest house had a shelf of maps, attraction leaflets and other jargon. One small book on the shelf displayed waterfalls of the lakes which was perfect, as I love long exposures and as we were due bad weather hiding under the trees snapping the waterfalls felt like the best idea. 

The following morning we had sunshine so decided to head to Coniston Water, a lake that Alice remembered from her youth diving trips to the Lakes. The giant lake gave us a chance to attempt some dramatic photography with ND Filters. Due to the wind a lot of my images were looking jumpy and foggy. We took shelter with a hot chocolate then made a move back to the car. Upon the walk I noticed a beautiful view over the town of Coniston, using a 30 second exposure I added drama to the sky by blending the clouds together using a grad filter in Lightroom. One of the biggest problems I had which I didn't realise until I uploaded my images on my laptop at the end of the trip was that there was dots of dirt all over my images. On every image, as you can see below I have done my best to remove as much as possible in Lightroom. I arranged for a sensor cleaning at a local shop and found out that my sensor had an incredible amount of dirt on it, but they did an amazing job cleaning it as everything I have shot recently has looked amazing and clear!


Our third day was an amazing day as we had sunshine, something that felt quite rare up North. We hit up Tom Gill waterfall which was brilliant as it consisted of about 6 different waterfalls. As we walked along the National Trust pathway we were so lucky to see that every waterfall was bigger and better than the last. As we arrived near the top we noticed other photographers grabbing the chance to set up the tripod and get out their filters.

Tom Gill

All of a sudden it was the end of our trip, with one day left we met up with my fellow photographer friend Lawrence who was also in the lakes for a day at Blea Tarn, a relatively small lake but with stunning backgrounds. Personally my favourite part of this lake was a small river leading away and down the mountain.

Blea Tarn

On our way around the lake whilst packing away our tripods to take a short walk to a better location I noticed a small robin who was perched on a branch just besides us. Quickly I equipped my 70-200mm to grab some close ups.